Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Spring & Summer Bettie Page Clothing treats!

Ok, ok, calm down, ladies! Form an orderly queue! Here's two of the stunners from the new Bettie Page Clothing season.

Shapely capris, in sizes XS to 3X. £45.

"Bubblegum" dress (price & sizes to follow)

Cute or what???

In stock from April.

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Portrait Collar top

Here we have Alma Joyce modelling the Portrait Collar top in Glittery Red, as photographed by Eightball.

More stuff!

I've replenished my stock of some of the most popular dresses, although a couple of sizes have sold out already. If you want one of the sold out sizes, do contact me as I'll probably be able to order your size you you. ;)

Wendy £65
Sizes S to XXXL (except L).

Spice £65
Sizes XS to 3X (except S).

Bernadette £65
Sizes XS to XXL (except L).

I've sold out of the Vintage Hairstyling book but more are on the way, along with handbags and bargain-priced Bettie Page Clothing dresses: Vanessa, Cloud 9 and Carmen. These will all be in stock, with any luck, by the weekend. The Happy Bows and Julietas, also on special offer, will be here in about a fortnight.

Thursday, 19 February 2009

Handbags on the way!

I mentioned the other day that there's some handbags coming from Lux De Ville - yes indeedy!

But there's also some rather nice Hell's Belles handbags coming too!

More Backseat Bags in Hott White (£45)
(this bag is pearlescent - so not a 'Tippex' white but a lovely, subtle pearl-white. Gorg!!!)

More Hell Kitten handbags (£40)

More RIP Fifi handbags (£40)

The Elixir bag (mock-croc!) (£45)

And one I haven't stocked before... Empress Koi, in Chinese satin (£45)

Do get in touch if you'd like one. ;)

Leopard robe with black trim

In case you'd wondered what it looked like!

Me, as photographed by Olivia H.

Get yours here!

Tuesday, 17 February 2009


I have the Claudia dress by Bettie Page Clothing in stock - but just the one, in size L.

The bodice is made from cherry print satin, the skirt is black bengaline, and the waist is nipped in with its own built-in corset. It's not a real corset - there's no boning - but it's designed to have the look of a corset.

It measures 38" bust, 31" waist, up to 42" hips. £65.

Awww yes I'm getting all Importance of Being Ernest on you. ;) I have bags on the way from Lux De Ville, and possibly some from Hell's Belles too. You'll have to wait and see. ;)

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Another day, another bargain - or two!

Oh yes!!!

These are available at a special price to make way for Bettie Page's Spring/Summer collection. There's some absolute doozies to follow, so stay tuned!

Here we go with the bargains:

Julieta dress, £45, XS to 2X.

Happy Bows dress, £45, XS to XL.

I'll have these in stock very soon.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

New bargain dress on the way!

I know it's February and there's still ice on the ground (I know this all too well, seeing as I fell over on it this morning!) but it's nice to look towards the balmy days of Spring & Summer, and what better way to do so than by adding to your Spring & Summer wardrobe.

Pin-Up Parade makes this easy for you with a special offer dress from Bettie Page Clothing - the Vanessa, yours for only £30.

It's made from white cotton with a print of colourful hearts, and has pink shoulder straps with bow detail and a matching belt. Sizes S to XL. In stock very soon!

The Cloud 9 dress, which sold out of sizes L and XL in record time, will be back in stock very soon too.

I've also got some rather nice handbags on the way - more about that another time. ;)

Monday, 9 February 2009

Back in stock!

The red Jazmin dress by Bettie Page Clothing is back in stock in all sizes from XS to XXL.

And the Substitute is available again in sizes M, L, XL and XXL.

More Wendys, Bernadettes and Spices are on the way.

Bernie Dexter interview

Rockabilly pin-up princess Bernie Dexter chats to Pin-Up Parade!

From beauty pageants to Playboy, she talks about her new clothing range, washing up with marabou trimmed gloves and the passing of the late, great Bettie Page.

Click here!

Coming soon: an interview with Tony Nylons of The Casting Couch.

Sunday, 8 February 2009

Helen recommends #1

This new set from What Katie Did is just adorable!

It's called "Lily" and is made from lace.

Fabulous! Find the Lily set here.

Pin-Up Classes
Nicole Klein of The Hourglass is doing pin-up classes. "Our pin-up classes are aimed at anybody that would like to learn the ‘secrets’ of retro glamour. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a pin-up model or are just trying to have some fun and gain a bit of confidence." You'll learn how to do your hair and make-up, how to pose and the day is rounded off with a photoshoot. Find out more about the day here. Price info can be found here.

On the way...

New dress on the way... the Peggy Denim by Bettie Page Clothing.

In stock end Feb/early March.

Made from blue bengaline, this is an elegant dress that looks perfectly vintage in style.

£65. Sizes XS to XXL.

Wednesday, 4 February 2009

More new product photos

It wasn't until I did up Katie in Clara Bow-style that I realised the Ceci is so 30s-looking!
Ceci dress by Stop Staring, £75. Sizes XL to 3X.

And we got her to model the Blossom dress as well:
by Stop Staring, £75. Sizes L & 1X.
Stole by Coquette Faux Furriers

Stop Staring Doll dress:

Photography by Eightball Vintage Photography

Monday, 2 February 2009

New Dresses & Separates

Cloud 9 dress by Bettie Page Clothing
£40 Sizes S to XL
Sale Page

Portrait Collar by Tarantula Clothing Company
Glitter Red & Glitter Black
£40 Bust sizes 32" to 46"

Yacht Top by Tarantula Clothing Company
Navy & Burgundy
£30 Bust sizes 42" and 46"