Friday, 12 August 2011

Let's help independent businesses

The riots and looting this week in my country have meant a traumatic time for us. I won't comment on the acts, but as someone who runs a small business, I really sympathise with the shop owners whose livelihoods have been threatened because of the damage and looting caused to their businesses.

Communities are looking to heal, and a way that we can all help, even in a little way, is to make a donation - if you can - to the small, independently run business which have been affected.

Keep Aaron Cutting has been set up to raise funds for 89-year old barber Aaron Biber, whose shop in Tottenham was destroyed.

"Aaron lost his wife last year. Born in Cable Street, he built up his businesses in Tottenham High Street over several decades and is a popular figure in the local community.

He arrived at his shop on Sunday morning to find the place smashed up, with windows broken and hairdryers looted. Even his kettle had been stolen.

Please donate to help get Aaron back on his feet and restore his faith in the community."

Save Siva's Shop is for Siva, who has run a convenience store in Hackney (the area of London where my grandfather was born and lived as a child) for 11 years. His shop was ransacked and he has no contents insurance.

"We are asking for as much as you can spare to help get this much loved Hackney businessman and his young family back on their feet.

This PayPal account is 100% genuine, and was set up by members of the local community around Clarence Road. We ask for your trust in donating and guarantee that all contributions will be handed directly to Siva."

Thank you.