Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Swagger Joint at Pin-Up Parade

Exclusive to Pin-Up Parade - Swagger Joint!

Sometime ago I decided to bring out my own range of dresses. A lot of time and thought went into it, and ta-da - the first design, the "Esme" (named after my very glamorous grandma, of course), was born. It is made from matte black satin with a flouncy collar and the skirt is lined with netting for that all-important 1950s va-voom. Here it is, photographed by Tony Nylons:

Unfortunately, a manufacturing error has meant that the Esme is only available up to a UK 16. As a result, the "Esme" is selling at the reduced price of £50, on the Sale page. Larger sizes aren't available - sorry!

However, there are other Swagger Joint designs on the way. They will be beautifully tailored, lined, made in fabulous luxurious fabrics like wool crepe and (unlike the Esme) will be made in the UK. This means though that they will be more expensive, at about £100 each. However, I think you'll feel it'll definitely be worth it.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Fabulous discounts at Pin-Up Parade!

I've added new items to the Sale and also given further discounts on other Sale items. If you've got an eye for a bargain, then check these out!

Avondale - was £90, now £75

Jetsetter Suit - was £90, now £55

Scotty - was £85, now £50

Afternoon Tea - was £90, now £55

Illusion - was £80, now £45

Happy Bows - was £80, now £45

Scotty Skirt - was £60, now £35

Mode Merr red satin skirt - was £42, now £30

Catwalk skirt plaid - was £40, now £30

Mode Merr fitted peasant top - "Hearts" - was £35, now £20

Menswear reductions

Skull Button Bowling Shirt - was £40, now £30

Charlie Bowling Shirt - was £42, now £32

V-8 Button Bowling Shirt - was £40, now £30

...and then £5 off ALL vintage Hawaiian shirts. Prices from £5 to £10 each!