Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dear Royal Mail,

I'm trying to find info on your horrible website for what to do about a lost parcel that I've sent and hasn't been received. As your site is geared towards selling, rather than providing a service after I've paid you £xxxx last year, I cannot find information on claims etc. I'm sure it was easier to find, but it's buried under nonsense.

So I use your online chat thing with the strange woman who looks like the one out of Peep Show, and I type in "lost parcel". It brings me the option "a parcel I sent hasn't arrived." I click on this option and it takes me to... an error page. Because apparently, not only have you lost the parcel, but you've also managed to lose a page on your website! The irony is so powerful and rather agonising that I think I might have to go and sit down. Please, for god's sake, improve this website. It's shocking.

Monday, 16 August 2010

No, I don't deal with crooks

In reply to someone who wants to supply Pin-Up Parade:

Hi Xxxxxxx,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Unfortunately it's impossible for me to work out what your items look like as you have used other people's photos for your own listings. As you will have noticed, I stock Bettie Page Clothing, so I can spot a photo of their Captain dress a mile off, and I also recognise their photo of Bernie Dexter (which BPC would have paid Bernie and Levi to photograph) in *their* petticoat, because when I sold *their* petticoat, I used that very photo.

So no, I'm not interested in dealing with someone who rips off other people's designs and tries to pass them off as their own. I couldn't possibly trust you, for one thing, and secondly, I have stocked BPC for several years and have built up a relationship with them - I couldn't morally deal with a company who was stealing their designs and imagery.

I'm not sure how to sign off because I don't wish you 'kind regards' at all.


Tuesday, 10 August 2010

And the winner is....

And the winner of the Name The Lady competition is... Lisa! With her suggestion:

Twinkie Winks!

Bravo, Lisa! A voucher code for £15 off at Pin-Up Parade is winging its way to you now. :)

And thank you everyone who entered. There'll be more competitions soon! And many thanks to Fiona from Notorious Kitsch for picking the winner.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Yet more reductions!

Bettie Page Clothing

Spice dress in pink, sizes XS, S & L - now just £35 (was £60)

Play Me dress, XS & L - now just £35 (was £60)

Capris, XS - last pair ever! Now £20 (was £45). Less than half price!

All of these bargains are in the Pin-Up Parade Sale.

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Now in stock!

*drum roll*

The Jazmin Roses pencil dress!

Find it here.

And there's lots of Forthcoming Attractions which are... erm... forthcoming...

Ahoy, £60 (was £85)

Shipmate, £60 (was £95)

Summer Breeze, £60 (was £85)

Avondale, £95

Purple Dream, £70

Roselyn, £85

These should be in stock mid/late August. If you are interested in one, please get in touch!