Wednesday, 21 January 2009

New stuff!

The Mode Merr "Jetsetter Suit" is now in stock, at £75. It's made from a lovely stretchy plaid with a black cotton poplin bodice and an adorable jacket tied with a ribbon.

You can find it on the Dresses page.

The exclusive peasant top that I've been wittering on about is also here, but it's not listed yet as we only did the photos last night. It's more beautiful that I had imagined - the effect of the net over the satin is irridescent, almost like a tonic fabric. It's wonderful! I'll put the pics up hopefully later today or tomorrow.

You'll find that MAC's "Aquadisiac" eyeshadow is a perfect match for it!

1 comment:

nietje said...

That dress is absolutely adorable!! I accidentally stumbled onto your site today and I immediately ordered it :)