Sunday, 26 April 2009

Gallery updates

I don't do Gallery updates very often... but when I do, I hope you'll agree that it's worth the wait!

First of all, we have a new girl at Pin-Up Parade, the fabulous Cherry La Flip, who is also our cover girl at the moment.

And I have updated Tara Mi Sioux's gallery with three new photos.

I'm working on updating MORE galleries and putting up MORE girls, so in the next week or so there'll be new girls Scarlet Fever (of "Faking It" fame) from Wales, Honey Wilde from England (via New Zealand), Miss Edith from Scotland and Sue-Anne Davis from Germany. Add to that a photographer gallery from Terence Mendoza, and a gallery update from Helen Highwater (me, in other words!). So, lots of look forward to! And there's even more than this which I'm arranging, but you'll just have to wait for that....

Pin-Up Parade Girls Need Your Help!
Meanwhile, over at there's a pin-up contest. Amongst the entrants, there's three Pin-Up Parade girls - me, Sweetness and Nicole A Lure (aka Nicole from The Hourglass). Please join the forum to vote for us. It would make us very happy! You just have to post a message saying "I vote for Helen Highwater" (or whichever other lovely lady flips your switch), and that's that. Simple! ;)


MissMatilda said...

She's so pretty, I love Cherry!!

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

I love that photo of Cherry La Flip.

LauraHelen said...

Cherry is real gorgeous and a great addition to pin-up parade.