Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Wendy peach & the last Substitutes!

Now in stock!

Wendy in peach, £45. Sizes XS, S, L & XL
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The very last Substitute dresses! This is it - your very last chance to get your hands on this popular style! Dresses page

Substitute Pencil, £65. Sizes L to XXXL.

Substitute Circle, £70. Sizes S to XXL.

I'll have Jacqueline suits, Tiger & Candy Apple dresses & capri pants at the weekend at the latest (tomorrow if we're lucky!).

Books & Magazines Lauren Rennell's Vintage Hairstyling book is back in stock, and I've also got the most recent issue of Bachelor Pad Magazine, with 4 extra pages - pin-up pictures, articles, burlesque, etc etc. A bargain at £2.50.

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MissMatilda said...

Everyone should have a substitute, it's a magnificent dress.