Monday, 15 June 2009

Back to normal!

The people who I get the domain name "" from didn't send me their annual invoice and so for 24 hrs starting late Friday until I got it sorted out late on Saturday, the website disappeared, replaced by a holding page.

There were two holding pages that I saw. The first had links to retro clothing, which seems logical, but the second one, I think, has damaged the reputation of my endeavour. It was covered in links for all things "adult" related, which led to some customers worried that I had changed the nature of my site, and other customers thinking I'd done a runner.

Basically, the invoice error of the domain name people has meant that I have been seen as a pornographer and thief.

I am absolutely disgusted with the holding page that went up, and of course the fact that it only went up because of their error. I have complained to them and told them that this has had an adverse effect on people's confidence in me.

The whole thing is very upsetting and frustrating. It has jeapordised two years of work.

I can only ask that you believe me when I tell you that what you see is what you get - yes, I really am a provincial librarian, yes, I really do run Pin-Up Parade in my spare time, and no, I'm neither a perv parlour accountant nor a dishonest thief.


Darla: Retro Ways said...

I am so sorry about that, maybe you should add a little message to your site stating that it was their error and nothing you intended on. I hope everything gets back to normal soon. ♥

MissMatilda said...

Those of us that know you as returning customers, know full well what kind of a woman you are.

I only have praise for you and support you.

It's dreadful that a holding pasge can jump on your site before you have been given a chance to re register.

Anonymous said...

When I saw it I thought your site had been hacked and hijacked, I would never had thought that you had anything to do with that.