Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Beware rip-off merchants!

There is someone on Ebay making very crap copies of the Bettie Page Clothing "Captain" dress for £35. They are breaking the law but Ebay won't do anything about it because they're not using the Bettie Page Clothing name. Just - completely ripping off their design.

Suffice to say, for £35, you're getting a badly made dress cut from cheap and nasty fabric.

You get what you pay for, but I really do suggest that you avoid lining the pockets of people who can't come up with their own ideas and who think it's ok to rip off other people.

I'm sure all you lovely people knew that anyway, though.


Miss Matilda said...

My first design was a direct copy of a vintage pattern, right down to the fabric, I think you know the dress :-)

Shortly after I saw on a forum, a girl had said, I love that dress, I am going to find the pattern and make it. Fair play.

BPC are famous now, I suppose it comes with the territory.
I'm the kind of customer who likes
to buy from the creator, I'm not out for a cheap rip off.

Sadly some people are, I see them moaning on forums about how much things cost, they will be happy with a cheap rip off. Leave them to it.

Helen Highwater said...

They're welcome to it! I just find it rather annoying the way that Ebay lets people get away with this kind of thing.