Monday, 21 December 2009

New Bettie Page Clothing dresses on the way!

Jazmin Circle in red
You've probably seen the pencil version of this dress in the shop, but here it comes in the circle skirt version!

£70, sizes XS to XXXL.

The Accountant
And here's a new dress - the Accountant. It's made from red and black plaid with a satiny finish.

£70, sizes XS to XXXL.

To make sure you get yours, I'm taking pre-orders (in other words, you would need to pay in advance). These dresses are on their way, so I should have them in about 2 weeks.

More info here:


Polka Dotty said...

I hope santa brings me lots of money this year so I can buy every dress from your shop hehe :)

That red bettie dress is stunning!

Stefanie Valentine said...

*drools* ooh, that Jazmine dress is wonderful x