Friday, 8 January 2010

Coming soon!

The Secretary is making a return in sizes XS to XXXL, at £80.

For a bargain, head to the Sales page where you will (come early February) find:

Purple Convict, XS to XXXL, £50

Roselyn, XS to XL, £45
White stretch cotton with pink cherry print.

More info on the Forthcoming Attractions page.


Stefanie Valentine said...

Ooh, that white dress with the cherry print is gorgeous! *checks how much money is left in the account* xx

Helen Highwater said...

It's lovely, isn't it! And possibly won't be round for very long!!!

Helenia said...

The cherry print is to die for! where can I buy it! is there a link than im being to dense to see?!

Helen Highwater said...

I haven't got it yet, but if you're interested in it, please email me to reserve one. ;)