Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Dear Royal Mail,

I'm trying to find info on your horrible website for what to do about a lost parcel that I've sent and hasn't been received. As your site is geared towards selling, rather than providing a service after I've paid you £xxxx last year, I cannot find information on claims etc. I'm sure it was easier to find, but it's buried under nonsense.

So I use your online chat thing with the strange woman who looks like the one out of Peep Show, and I type in "lost parcel". It brings me the option "a parcel I sent hasn't arrived." I click on this option and it takes me to... an error page. Because apparently, not only have you lost the parcel, but you've also managed to lose a page on your website! The irony is so powerful and rather agonising that I think I might have to go and sit down. Please, for god's sake, improve this website. It's shocking.

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Overpaid and Underworked Postman said...

Available Compensation for Lost items

Royal Mail’s Claims Process for Loss, Damage & Delay (includes a form you cant print off)

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